Friday, June 12, 2020

Paneer Pakora | Full Recipe 

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Paneer Pakora is one of the most liked food of India. The taste of this food item is mind blowing.

Every Indian kitchen has made this item at least once in their whole life.

It is easy to make and is much more delicious and is like by every Indian and every Indian family likes and enjoy this item with tea or coffee.

So, lets start the recipe.

Requirements to make Paneer Pakora

Paneer                      100g
Besan                        200g
Salt                            1 tb spoon
Red chilli powder   1 tb spoon
Cumin                       1/2 tb spoon
Chat Masala             1/2 tb spoon
Paneer Masala         1/2 tb spoon

Procedure to make Paneer Pakora

So, now to make Paneer Pakora first cut the paneer into cubes. 

Now take a bowl, put Besan and add salt, cumin, red chilli powder, chat masala, paneer masala and mix it well. 

Then add water to it and make perfect thick dough so that it could stick to the paneer later. 

As you dough is ready, you are ready too to make delicious paneer pakora

Dip all paneer slices into the dough.

Now take a cooking pot and pour oil into it. As your oil gets heat put your paneer that you dipped into the dough in the pot and dip fry it. Let it get a brownish colour. 

As your paneer gets dip fried now put your fried paneer in a tissue paper (optional). 

Your Paneer Pakora is ready to eat. 

It is easy and very delicious recipe that almost every indian family likes. 

Enjoy it with yoyr family and friends. 

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