Saturday, May 2, 2020

Broken Heart Quotes - Sanny Jha

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Broken Heart Quotes Love is one of the most beautiful creation of God. This helps living beings to connect with each other with heart and feel others pain or happiness.

Today, this word has got some different meaning.  However, in today's world their is a huge demand of love quotes.

There are many underrated poets, who need to be known for thier skills but unfortunately it is not happening.

So, here you will find unique poetries by different underrated poets.

I would like to inform you that you can send your own made shayaries/poems to us with your name. And if your shayari or poem gets selected then your provided poem will be posted here on this website and you will be notified too. 

In English alphabets :
Jab tum mujhe chor kr jaoge. Ye yaad rakhna hme nhi bhul paoge. Hm tb v tumko accept krenge. Jb tum mere pass fir se wapas aaoge.
By : Sanny Jha 
The above poetry is written by Sanny Jha. Here, through this lines the poet wants to express his feeling for his loved one. He says that when you will leave me, remember you won't be able to forget me. I will accept you even then when you will come back to me again.

In Hindi alphabets :
जब तुम मुझे छोड़ कर जाओगे यह याद रखना हमें नहीं भूल पाओगे हम तब भी तुमको एक्सेप्ट करेंगे, जब तुम मेरे पास फिर से वापस आओगे
By : Sanny Jha

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