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How to make eggless cake at home easily.

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Eggless Cake

No doubt that everyone wants to eat cakes but one problem always arises i.e. for non vegetarian non veg cakes are not always available in the market but if they found it, its price is unaffordable for everyone.

So, here in this post you will get to learn how to make eggless cake at home easily. 

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How to make eggless cake at home easily.

Requirements                                  Quantity
-----------------------                                  --------------
1. Chocolate biscuits                         100g
2. Wheat flour                                    30g
3. Powdered sugar                            5tb spoon
4. Oil                                                     3tb spoon
5. Baking powder                              1tb spoon
6. Eno                                                   1tb spoon
7. Milk                                                  200ml

Take the chocolate biscuits and grind it until it gets fine powder. Take a bowl and put the powdered chocolate biscuits into it and add wheat flour, powdered sugar, baking powder and mix it well. After that, add oil and mix it again. Add milk and make a thick mixture of it and then add eno at last and mix it again.

Take a cooking pot and pour water into it. Then take a bowl and grease it with oil perfectly. Pour the thick mixture into the greased bowl and place the bowl into the cooking pot but remember that the bowl must be placed above the water, for that, you can use any equipment that could lift the bowl above the water because we just need to steam it. After this cover the cooking pot perfectly so that air could not pass through it. Cook it for 30 minutes.

Your delicious eggless cake is ready to eat.

You can also decorate it with cream or other stuffs. However, it is optional.

Now, you can serve this eggless cake with tea or coffee to your family, friends, companions or guests.

Eat healthy and stay safe. 

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