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How to earn money from YouTube

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Earn from YouTube

Full details on how to earn money from YouTube

How to earn money from YouTube  Today youtube is the second most visited website after Google. Over 1.9 billion users are there world wide and billion hours contents are streamed daily on this platform. There is a wide scope in this platform because the number of users is increasing daily in a huge amount in youtube.

Everyone just go in this platform and search for the video they require and enjoy it. But do you know that rather than wasting time you can also earn money from this platform. Here, you will be your own boss, but remember that you will have to remain active and keep your viewers engaged because until your viewers donn't get interest in your videos, no use of working on it.

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Now let us do it step wise.

Choose a Niche 

(Here Niche means 'Topic')
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Choose a Niche

Step 1: Fisrt of all you need to choose a niche on wich you will work. Remember that you have enough knowledge about it. It should not be this that after uploading 10-15 videos you have no more content to upload. Choose a niche on which you have perfection or on which you have enough knowledge, by which you can make thousands of videos on that niche and upload it.

Lets see some niche and choose one of them on which I have knowledge on.

  1. Online Earning
  2. Online video games
  3. Food recipes 
  4. Tech knowledge
  5. Vlog
  6. Funny videos
  7. Animations
  8. Cartoons
  9. Education
  10. Roasting
  11. Mimicry 
Now let me choose option numeber 2 besause I have a little bit of knowledge about it and today many people showing interest into it. So, now we have choosen our niche. 

Create a Content

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Create a Content

Step 2: Now we need a content or video that we will upload. So, here a tip for you, always try to make your video funny because funny videos are liked by many people but never overdose it because then it will become boring or it will not be preferable by others. But remember every niche cann't be made funny. It will depend upon your niche

So, as per my niche, I will try to make my videos funny so that viewers get interest to watch it. 

Force them to subscribe your channel by your work by your content. But never do a mistake that many new creators do i.e, never ask to subscribe again and again because it looks very awkward. 

Now our video is ready to upload. Lets move to our next step. 

Sign up on Youtube

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Video sharing platform

Step 3: We have choosen our niche and we have also prepared our video based on our niche. Now we need the platform to share it. We will have to make a channel on youtube to share our videos
For that we will require few things:
  1. Gmail Account
  2. Phone Number
  3. Content
We will need a gmail account from which we will make a youtube channel on youtube. And a phone number to verify our account but remember that your number should not be linked / used for verification with any other youtube account. And content to upload

Visit to make a channel.

Visit the site and click on the icon at the top right hand side corner and click on create channel. Give a attractive name to your channel and your channel is now created. Now at the left hand side click on channel and Status and Features. Then click on verify button below your profile and select your Country and add phone number and verify your channel

Now you will see a section named Monetization below in a square shaped box. Click on it and select your country and save it.

Share your Content

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Upload your Content

Step 4: As our channel is created now we can upload our content here.
Create your own video. It should be copied or illegal or video that spreads hate

You are done. 

You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to enable monetization

Yes it will take time but once you complete the milestone you will be paid for your hard work.

You just need to be consistent and without interest donn't do it. Because without having interest nobody can do it. 

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You will not lose any thing, but you will get benefit from it. 


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