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How to earn from Affiliate marketing

How to earn from Affiliate marketing |Full details

How to earn from Affiliate marketing  No doubt that Affiliate marketing is an amazing field of earning and millions of people having their dose out of it. But still their is a huge possibility of success for new affialiators. There are many affiliate marketing websites that offers you best deals. Few that I am familiar with are amazon affiliate program, ebay, snapdeal, flipcart, and many other websites.

How to earn from Affiliate marketing 

It is not so difficult to do this job. It is very easy. In this job you will be your own boss and all earnings no doubt will be yours. Your earning will depend on the hard work and the smart work that you do on it.

How to start Affiliate marketing 

It is very easy to start affiliate marketing. All you need to do is to sign up for the affiiliate program and generate your affiliate link and start your earning.

Do not worry you will not have to roam any where else. I will provide you all the links here in this post itself. You will find the links below. But remember, before signing up you read the article properly so that no doubt gives a headache later on. 

How to do Affiliate marketing

How to make a Affiliate account Let us understand the whole things step by step. 

First of all lets us know what will you require for making a affiliate account.

Requirements for making Affiliate account

  1. Gmail account
  2. Phone number
  3. Website (website, youtube)
  4. Address
  5. Account number (you can put it latter)
  6. Pan card

Procedure to make Affiliate account 

You need to go the affiliate website of your choosen platform. Then sign up for a affiliate account. Put all the informations correctly. 
After you have given all informations then they will send a confirmation email to your submitted gmail account. Click on it and your are done

Where to sell Affiliate products

After you have created a affiliate account successfully click on the product you want to sell and click on Get link Text (you will see this option on the above menu bar) and share it on your facebook page or website or blog or you can also promote or sell it in your youtube channel.

How to share Affliate product on Facebook page

To sell or share affiliate product on facebook you need to have a facebook page first, if you do not have any then I will recomend to make one and post your producys there and if can afford then you can also boost your affiliate post so that more people can discover your page or product.

How to sell affliate product on website or blog

You can sell your affiliate product on your website or blog that you had mentioned or submitted during signing up into your affiliate account. You can create a post mentioning its advantages and disadvantages and put link of your affiliate product. I will recomend to write both advantages and disadvantages of the product because it will give full information about the product and increase your customers faith. However, you can also do the same for any other websites.

How to promote or sell affiliate products on Youtube

If you have a youtube channel then you can promote your affiliate product by mentioning their pros and cons and mentioning the affiliate link of the products in your description. 

If you do not have any youtube channel, no worries. You can approach a youtuber and ask them to promote your products. Even this will help you to gain customers

Or you can do both. 

How to sell affiliate products on social media

To sell or share affiliate product on social media you need to have social media account first, if you do not have any then I will recomend to make one and post your products there and if can afford then you can also boost your affiliate post so that more people can discover your products

Affiliate links

Right now I am unable to provide you the snapdeal affiliate link due to some problem in snapdeal affiliate website. The affiliate link is not opening. Sorry for it. But I will put it as soon as the problem gets fixed. 

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You will not lose any thing, but you will get benefit from it. 

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