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5 Best Online Earning Ways in 2020

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5 Best Online Earning Ways in 2020

A hearty welcome to you on my website. Here in this post, you are going to learn the top 5 Best Online Earning Ways in 2020.

Today, everyone is searching and scrolling everywhere to learn online to earn online i.e, how to earn money online. Today there are many apps available in the market where you can earn. But in this market, there are also many fraud applications that make you work for them on their platform but do not pay you a cent in return. These actions disappoint many people and decrease their faith in online platforms. However, there are also many genuine applications or websites where many people work and get paid for their work.

There are many online earning statements or articles on Google related to online earning tricks. But it is very difficult to search for the most genuine and most trustable sites. So, do not worry because I have brought you this article where you will get to learn about the top 5 Best Online Earning Ways in 2020.


Nothing can make you a millionaire or billionaire overnight. You need to work for it. But there are also a few ways by which you can earn while having fun.

So, here you go with the list of the 5 Best Online Earning Ways.



Earn money online, earn money online 2020, earn money online easily, youtube, earn from youtube,
Earn from YouTube

One of the top best ways of online earning is YouTube.

Youtube We all are familiar with this site or you can say a word. It is the world's 2nd most populated website after Google. Here you will get videos of almost everything your search for. Many creators are signing up daily. It has a broad future if you start it today. No doubt, you will have to work on it, you will have to post regularly and you must be active in it. It will take time to establish but after you establish you will have a good earning along with a huge fan base.

It requires no investment or in some cases very little investment. Investment in the sense equipment you will need to make your videos.

To create a youtube channel you just need content, no matter what but it should be demanding and your viewers must be interested in it.

Go sign in with your Gmail account, verify it, and start posting your content. Once you complete your 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers, you can monetize and earn revenue against your work.


Affiliate marketing 

Earn money online, earn money online 2020, earn money online easily, affiliate, earn by affiliate, affiliate marketing,
Earn from Affiliate

The second best way of online earning is Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is growing day by day. However, it is easy to do and that is why, anyone knows about this, tries to do it as fast as possible because this market is very big and still there are many chances to get success in it. 

But remember to do proper research on it and then enter into this platform. 

It needs less or in some cases no investment

Do you know? 

No e-commerce website sells its own products. All products that you see there are all listed by others. 

You just need to sign up and sell their products. And you will get a commission for it. Every product has different commission rates and the rates also differ on different websites

There are many different websites in the market that provide this facility. But the few most trusted websites among them are Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, Flipkart. 



Earn money online, earn money online 2020, earn money online easily, Blogging,
Earn from Blogging

The third best way of online earning is Blogging.

Blogging One of the most popular and trusted earning source today that almost every people who know about it is involved in it. 

You can do it either in Blogger or WordPress or prepare your own website

Blogger is more preferable by users because it is a Google product. However, users also use WordPress because they get many plugins in it. 

But beginners prefer Blogger as it is easy to use as compared to WordPress. In Blogger you just need a domain but in WordPress, you will need both domain and hosting

You need to sign in in Blogger, create your blog, and start writing unique, SEO friendly articles in it. 

I would prefer Blogger for beginners

But research properly on your blog topic and the niche you choose. 



Earn money online, earn money online 2020, earn money online easily, Freelancing,
Earn from Freelancing

The fourth best way of online earning is Freelancing.

Freelancing One of the most preferable earning ways where you can earn in return for your skills or the service you provide. 

Here, many people search for different service providers as per their needs. And the service provider gets paid after their customer's demand has been fulfilled.

If you have any specific skills or any specific knowledge then you can choose this platform

It does not need any investment.


If you do not have any specific skills. Then don't worry. There is a trick that you can follow.
You can take projects or work and search for someone who can do that work for you at a low cost. And after the work is complete, you can give that work to that customer. And pay that person whom you asked to do your work. And the left amount is all yours.


Earn by playing games

Earn money online, earn money online 2020, earn money online easily, Playing game, games, earn by playing games,
Earn by playing games

The fifth best way of online earning is Gaming.

Now many of you might be thinking that how a game can earn you money. But you will be shocked to know that today many people are earning out of it. It has become a trend today. There are many known esports players who are earning millions today.

Earn by playing games Today every youth or teenager likes to play games and many of them spend their whole day playing games. No doubt that they are wasting their time. But what if I say you can also earn by playing games

You can earn money while playing. 

There are many free and paid tournaments you will find in the online market. But I will suggest at the initial stage you go with the free one. As you start growing your skills you can go with the paid ones. However, both free and paid tournaments pay you if you win. 

As soon as you feel that your skills have evolved and you can now compete with highly skilled players. You can go for the paid ones.

Now you might be thinking where will we get those tournaments. So, you will find many apps or websites where you can play. One of them that I used is Gaming monk. You can search for more such applications or websites on youtube.

An interesting fact

By 2021 it is said that you will even get scholarships for your games. You just need to choose a game you are good in and make perfection in it and pass the examination that is said to be organized in February 2021.

A more detailed article is coming up soon on how to earn by playing games. 

From all the above discussions it is clear that there are many different ways to earn online only the thing you need is consistency, perfection, and hard work along with some smart work to make your root to success more easy. Here in this article, you got the top 5 best Online Earning Ways in 2020.


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You will not lose anything, but you will get benefit from it. 

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